ATTN: DOP Users!!

ATTN: DOP Users!!

Post by Kevin L. Talle » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00


First of all, let me begin by saying that this is NOT a negative posting

against Voyetra and/or Turtle Beach.  I am a very satisfied DOP user --
I've tried Cakewalk Pro Audio (as well as a few other products), and
always keep coming back to DOP (primarily because of it's ease-of-use
and low price).  However, now that I've decided to use DOP as my primary

digital audio & MIDI tool, I'm trying to determine what support
resources are available.  For other software products that I use, my
preferred source of information is a good newsgroup/discussion forum.
Without a doubt, the USERS are always the best source of product
information.  For the last few months (6 months?), Voyetra has had an
"under construction" area on their web site that appears to be what I'm
looking for (Power Users Network, Users Forum, Tips & Tricks).  But they

don't seem to be going anywhere with it.  So here are my questions.....

1)  Is there some other "user-contributed" resource available for DOP
that I'm not aware of?  If so, someone please tell me and put me out of
my misery.....hehehe....
(And I'm not talking about Compuserve -- if Voyetra even still has a
presence there -- I'm talking about a free Internet resource)

2)  If the answer to #1 is NO, then would there be any interest in such
a resource?  If so, then I will attempt to set up a "users group" web
site with hardware info, FAQs, file area, and discussion group(s).

Once again, I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel OR circumvent the fine

folks at Voyetra.  I'm simply trying to help other DOP users (as well as

myself!!) get the most out of a great product!  If you have any feedback

If possible, please put "DOP" in your subject so my mail filter will
file your msg properly.  Thanks for your time.