Experiment: put cakewalk .wrk files on web pages

Experiment: put cakewalk .wrk files on web pages

Post by RonWx » Mon, 06 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Attention Soundblaster live owners:  I need your help for an important

General midi does not allow as good audio as cakewalk .wrk files that use
soundfonts.  I think we might be able to play cakewalk files from web pages
if this experiment is sucessful.

I have learned how to get my browser to use cakewalk to play midi files, when
clicking midi files on web pages to make them play.
It works, but cakewalk is slow to load, and does not play some auto run files,
and only plays the clicked on links. I also have to close cakewalk before
the next song link on the web page.  The files instead of playing, download
right into cakewalk, and then I have to click play to start them.
This allows me to easily change the voices of midi files on web pages, and also
gives me all of the cakewalk save options to save the file, and add vocal
if I want before saving them..

  I did this by changing the association of midi files on my computer to use
cakewalk.   Now I need someone to test if we can do this with
cakewalks .wrk files.  

My plan is to have a soundfont on my computer thats the same as the
soundfont the  .wrk file on your web page uses, and in the same directory as
in the attached path used for the soundbank.
I am hoping that if I go to your web page and play the  file, that it will be
into cakewalk and  the attached soundfont will load, and it will play
just like it was recorded, and if there is an audio track, it will also

If this works, then all we will need to do, is develope a standard soundfonts
collection, that everyone would put in the same directory.  The sound library
of 73 or so soundfonts on the install disk is to be this standard collection of

Other soundfonts could eventually be added to this scheme and the
user would first download the soundfont to the correct directry, then click
on the .wrk file, and it would play.

Of course, your web page would include the directions for them to set their
large enough that the soundfont could load.


Soundblaster live card


A web page and a server, or get your web page host to add .wrk files to the
mime types allowed for web pages.

Know how to set mime types to permit cakewalk files to be transfered.
(add .wrk file extension to the list of files a web page allows users to
and set .wrk in your servers mime types.

Put a cakewalk  *.wrk file on your web page and send me the address

I will send you the experimental cakewalk .wrk file, with everything set in it.
 All I
need you to do is put it on a web page  with a clickable link to it, and on a
that has .wrk extension added to its allowed mime types.


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