Cakewalk .ins file for QY-70

Cakewalk .ins file for QY-70

Post by Jonathan Benne » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Does anyone know where I can get hold of an instrument definition file for a
Yamaha QY-70 sequencer?

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Bennett

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1. Please help with Yamaha QY 70 !!!Any QY 70 owners??

Hi there, thanks for reading this message and hopefully you can help me
out with this one!
I've had the Yamaha QY  pocket sequencer series right from the start,
great portabilty, reliability, great sounds and good for teaching
(programming a chord sequence) and great for composing, it's like having

portable Cubase with you!
I've had the QY 10, QY 20 QY 22 and I've just bought the new QY 70. It's

abig step forward again but I've noticed one big mistake: It can't
repeat chords! At least, I can't find it! If you, for instance, program
a chord sequence like G 7 - Ab 7 - F 7 - D 7 and you want this sequence
to repeat, there's no "repeat chord" function !!! It was on all the
previous QY models!
It doesn't say anything in the manual about it.... This looks like a big

mistake.... Or is it MY mistake here? I've contacted Yamaha Benelux
about this _four_ times and (of course) they promised to get back to me
as soon as they found out, and (of course) they didn't get back to me.
What a nice way to treat a loyal customer. Well, screw 'em all, this is
my final option, hopefully somebody here knows the solution, I'm ready
to jam over some changes after a few months of one chord playing!
If this doesn't work, the machine goes out the window!
Thanks in advance, please E-mail to me privatly as I don't spend too
much time in the news groups.

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