Subject: Synth Site has been Radically updated

Subject: Synth Site has been Radically updated

Post by Dav » Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Synth Site is reborn....

The largest and most popular feature at Sonic State has just undergone
massive changes. Synth Site has metamorphosed from the biggest online
collection of Synth reviews into the single largest database of user
reviews on music making products online.

Over 500 different synths, modules, samplers, drum machines, work
stations and keyboards have full reviews, most with pictures. Each one
of these now has a section for instant user mini reviews giving a
total of over a thousand total reviews.

Check out:-

and feel the width.


1. Peavey Spectrum Synth Site Update!

If you own or are considering purchasing a Peavey Spectrum Synth, you'd
definately want to see this site.  It contains reviews, specifications,
software (a sysex editor) among other things


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