HELP? Which soundcard...?

HELP? Which soundcard...?

Post by Marcin » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I just bought midi controller Roland A-33.
I would like to buy VERY GOOD soundcard for my PC to use it as sound
Which soundcard I should to choose?
I think about:

Turtle Beach Pinnacle Project Studio (or any turtle beach card)
Yamaha DB50XG
Ensoniq Soundscape Elite
Ensoniq AudioPCI (but I heard it is poor)


Please help me!
Send any your comments on cards I choose from...
I am most interesting in Pinnacle PS, cause it has Kurzweil synhesizer. I
had K2000 and it was great. I wonder is it possibility to change in REAL
time filters on any sound (for example lowpass filter using module wheel).


Thanks in advance!



1. Help! Need Soundcard Advice!

         I have been tweaking and updating my PC recording set up for two
months now and I'm wanting to get down to some music! I am currently running
a 750 Duron processor, a 30 gig/7200RPM drive, and two RAID linked 20
gig/7200 RPM drives specifically for my audio. My mobo is a Asus A7V133 with
a VIA 133A chipset. I'm running 384 mb of RAM. I am using the Aardvark 24/96
direct pro as a soundcard and using Cubase VST 5.0/32 for recording.

I'm really wondering if the Aardvark is the right card for me.I've recently
learned about issues with VIA 133 chipsets and PCI Bus Bandwidth problems,
but that seems to be hotly contested subject. Seems many people are working
the the same chipset and having no problems. I seem to be always
encountering new sets of problems, either with playback quality or latency
issues. I know there are a million variables in regards to audio recording
on a PC, but I've done a lot of teaking and I just can't believe it's this
hard. I have friends using less powerful computers with cards like the MOTU
or Delta 1010 and recording tons of audio and effects. I've stacked my
computer and I haven't even got eight bars recorded!

 Is Aardvark a card I should work with, especially with my VIA chipset, or
should I be re-thinking my soundcard options? Can latency free (or near
latency free) recording be achieved withcertain soundcards/systems? Any
soundcard suggestions/hints/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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