WTB: Vision 3.5

WTB: Vision 3.5

Post by Tim Scot » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am a licensed user of Vision 2.08 and want to go to a newer version.
However Opcode will only upgrade me to the "DSP" version which I
cannot run on my existing computer. I will pay $75 for a complete
3.5 package or $50 for keydisks for the Vision that came with the
"SoftStudio" CD.

but it might take a while for me to weed your message out of the


1. my vision 3.5 can't sync audio and midi all of a sudden

i've been using vision 3.5 for two years now. i installed it into my mac
G3 on february 1998.

i've had no problems with vision until a month ago. all of a sudden, i
couldn't sync my audio files with my midi files. i thought that there
might be something wrong with my computer because it had been crashing a
lot lately. so i re-initialized my hard disk and ran a clean
installation. my computer is running great now but i still have the same
problems on vision.

i've tried playing around with the audio preferences such as changing
the number of voices and checking to see if the 'power mac sync' is
checked but i can't find any problems. if anybody has any suggestions,
i'd really appreciate it if you can hit me off with advice. this problem
is really driving me crazy.

my vision 3.5 can't sync audio and midi all of a sudden

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