Live Internet Concert TONIGHT: Saturday, November 22

Live Internet Concert TONIGHT: Saturday, November 22

Post by Cliff & Joan Ricc » Sun, 23 Nov 1997 04:00:00


New York City - The Thousand Pities will be broadcasting live over the
Web this coming Saturday, November 22, at 8 pm, NYC time. This line-up
includes longtime Pities Matthew Davis and Nick Osborn, as well as
honorary Pities Billy Donohue (former Vestryman and present Nymph),
Chris Butler (formerly of The Waitresses and solo act extraordinaire),
and Ken Meyer (of Life in a Blender). Warm up your RealAudio Players and
join the Pities for an hour long performance of songs from their
soon-to-be-released *web-album* WORLD'S FAIR and other ditties.

On Saturday, point your web browser to and enjoy the show!


(Don't forget to join your fellow Pity-fanatics in BLT's chatroom to
commiserate before, during, and after the big show!)

If you don't have a RealAudio Player yet, go get one:

So join The Thousand Pities Saturday and rock it with your 'puter!!!

Please forward this to any and all you think might be interested!!!


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