*Help! SBAWE32 not playing WAV's

*Help! SBAWE32 not playing WAV's

Post by BRIAN_.. » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Can someone Please help me?  I'm running Cakewalk 4.01 in Win95, using a
SBAWE32 PnP (486dx100,28Meg,1.6gig WD).  When I go to play a file that
includes MIDI & Digital Audio, it will sound one or two notes, then 'HANG'
for awhile (1 or 2 minutes) then stop.  When I go to play a file that
contains only MIDI, it works fine.  The wierd thing is that the problem
doesn't happen every time...

I also notice the same problem in 'Cool Edit'.  It will start to play the
WAV file (maybe one second) then it hangs.

I have installed the Latest(?) SWE95UP.EXE drivers for full-duplex.

Is there something I could have overlooked?

ANY help is GREATLY Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!



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