PowerTracks for DOS vs. Cakewalk for DOS?

PowerTracks for DOS vs. Cakewalk for DOS?

Post by M.Greenber » Wed, 27 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Anyone have an opinion about these two DOS (non-Windows) programs?

PowerTracks for DOS vs. Cakewalk for DOS?

Post by Marty Siltan » Thu, 28 Dec 1995 04:00:00


>Anyone have an opinion about these two DOS (non-Windows) programs?

If you're serious about editting MIDI files or performing with them, it's
no contest... Cakewalk 5.0 (DOS) is the better choice. PowerTracks (DOS)
is an o.k. beginner's sequencer for the price but not in the same league
as CW 5.0 (which is also cheap when compared to the CW Windows versions).

CW 5.0 comes with CakeLive, a seperate player-only program that is great
for performance. CW 5.0 also supports CAL (Cakewalk Application
Language) programs which can be very handy (you also get a bunch of these
with CW5.0).

No contest...

Marty Siltanen. NoFC, CFS, NRCan. Edmonton, AB Canada
-these thoughts are mine, I think.


1. DOS midi player in Win95's DOS box

Hi folks,

Re: Tweaking a DOS box to allow a DOS program to properly access the
MPU401 midi external port of a SB16.

I am testing a DOS midi file player.  The player runs fine in a DOS box
in Win95, provided the DOS box is active (in the foreground).  I get
timing errors and long notes if the DOS box is made inactive (in the
background).  I have looked for the Background-Always Suspend and
unchecked it (allowing background activity for the DOS box), but the
problem remains.  The DOS player program is "Windows unaware", ie
designed to be run in DOS.  I am hoping that the much praised DOS
emulation of Win95 will allow it to run in a Background DOS box.

This is on a SB16 with a Roland SCD-15 daughterboard.

Any idea what I can tweak in the DOS box settings to better use a DOS
midi player?  Not being able to run this program in the background
really limits what I can do while running this player.  I don't want to
reboot to the DOS mode (I don't need to) as the player works fine with
the DOX box in the foreground.  I do want to use the PC for other things
 while listening to midi files.

In WFWG, there used to be a Exclusive setting for DOS boxes.  Is there
such a thing for Win95 ?

Aside for MIDIheads:  Why use a DOS midi player when there are plenty of
Windows players that work in the background?  This player has a very
good feature that is missing from all the Windows midi player programs -
it can send a GS or MT32 reset sysex between songs in a playlist.  This
prevents the effects of changes made by one midi file from affecting the
next midi file's playback.

Thanks in advance.

A. Prasad

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