Interested in patch editor for Korg 03R/W ?

Interested in patch editor for Korg 03R/W ?

Post by Kari Lempiain » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00


 This is the inquiry about general interest of patch editor for Korg
03R/W synthesizer. Here are the facts:

 I have written a native 32-bit Windows programs which can send and
receive program (patch) dumps from 03R/W. Program displays all patch
parameters grouped with a tree view (similar to Windows Explorer).
Patch parameters are editable in text- and comboboxes, no graphical
interface. At least it beats browsing thru those tiny menus on the
03R/W lcd screen... Current version doesn't understand anything about
combis, effects or other 03R/W data, just patch dumps. This program is
developed in Windows NT environment and runs on both Windows NT 4.0
and Windows 95 environments. It does NOT run under Windows 3.11, even
with WIN32s subsystem installed. I'm not sure about previous versions
of Win NT.

 I have developed this program at home when I haven't had anything
more fun to do (for example playing the damn thing :-). I have planned
to include at least combi and effect editing some time but at this
time I do NOT promise to include them later. Maybe some financial
support would help, who knows?

 So what is the trouble? Well, the trouble is the fact that I don't
have enough space on my ISP account. The current installation program
takes about 1.26 MB and I don't have that space (my ISP won't let
customers to buy more space, I guess why not). If I someday release
the program to the world, I may have the get another web page for
distribution. I don't think the I will invest in that yet, because
there are some features that need to be finished first (help system,
some user interface things...). What I am doing now, is trying to get
some feedback from the 03R/W users around the world if there is
interest in my program.

 If you are interesting in my program, please send me mail on the
address below. If some of you are interested enough to beta test my
program, I might it send over email. Please make a note of this in
your response. Beta testers should be familiar with setting up MIDI
interfaces. I can't guarantee technical support (again at least yet).
I can not promise that I can send the program to all the people
responding. But if the need seems to be huge, I may download some
version to some ftp-site.


 Kari Lempi?inen

Kari Lempiainen
"And what exactly is a dream..." -- SB


1. 32-bit patch editor for Korg 03R/W available


 Patch editor for Korg 03R/w is now available. It runs under Windows
NT and 95. It will NOT run under 16-bit Windows, not even with WIN32s.
It can downloaded from
This is a first public release (0.1) so there might be some bugs...
I'll try to fix them, if I have time. Please give feedback!!


Kari Lempiainen
"And what exactly is a dream..." -- SB

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