FS: SCI Six Trak

FS: SCI Six Trak

Post by rgipso » Thu, 04 Jun 1998 04:00:00

For sale SCI Six Trak synth/sequencer in B/B+ cond. Comes with spare IC
from Wine Country. Manual not available. Taking serious offers only.
Please respond to email.


1. HELP w/ SCI Six Trak

I have a used SCI Six Trak that doesn't have any audio output. When I
power the unit up, everything seems to work OK - I can change programs,
parameters, etc. I was given this keyboard without a manual, and have
looked at web sites for help. Since I don't know anything about this
unit, the solution could be as simple as not having the right patch
called up, or the right option enabled, etc. I recently purchased a
"survival kit" from Wine Country, so I have an extra chip and pot if
needed. Any suggestions as to what I should  look for? I don't want to
spend $100 to get it repaired. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in


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