Q: Roland Singer Songwriter Windows GI Demo

Q: Roland Singer Songwriter Windows GI Demo

Post by John Hennes » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone seen the Roland Singer Songwiter GI
demo at www.rolandus.com. I've tried to download it
 (sswriter.zip, 2.4M) but it stops at 1.8 M and will not
unzip properly.

 Is there an alternative site? I've tried ftp-ing to
 ftp.rolandus.com but I can't get in as ftp or
anonymous user. I tried 'guest' and 'visitor' and
still no luck what gives?

Any info is appreciated


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Hi folks,

Came across a new notation product aimed at guitarists and songwriters,
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Direct link to download the demo version, for both Windows and Mac:


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