Wanted - Celine Dion MIDI file

Wanted - Celine Dion MIDI file

Post by Geoff Shan » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hello fellow musicians and music lovers alike:

I know it's bad form to do what I'm doing now (ie: blindly posting a
request to several newsgroups that I've never read), but time is of the
essence.  I realise I may well be posting inappropriately to some of these
groups, and if this is so, I apologise in advance.  Some may even see it
as flame bate, so if you do, please confine it to E-mail so that the
newsgroup can get on with its normal business.

I'm looking for a particular Celine Dion MIDI file.  I don't even know if
it exists, but if it does, I need to get it.  The song is "Love doesn't
ask why" from "The colour of my love".  A friend has asked me to organise
a backing tape to sing at a wedding in 3 weeks time and I don't see myself
having time to sequence it myself, what with uni work and so forth.

If anyone can provide any information that may be helpful, please E-mail

Thank you for your time.



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