No manual for Quickshop MIDI Composer- need help.

No manual for Quickshop MIDI Composer- need help.

Post by MegaHurt » Thu, 14 Mar 2002 11:54:38

Acquired a Quickshop MIDI Composer, but without
the benefit of a manual.  I've managed to connect
it to a SoundBlaster Live and play via the Creative
Keyboard application, and have used it with an
old copy of CakeWalk, so it's functional and OK
for my needs.

But I can't figure out all the selection functions.

Octave up and down, pitch and modulation all work
fine, but I don't know how to use the MIDI/Select
control- which is apparently used in conjuction
with the keyboard, for certain key are opposite
labels which say: MIDI Channels 1-16, After Touch,
Velocity, Chorus Depth, Reverb Depth, Pan Pot,
Volume, Numeric Keypad 1-10, Cancel, Enter and

Do these only work with certain software, or can
they perform their functions generally?  Maybe I
just don't know the trick?



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