More midifiles for top soundcards/MIDI devices

More midifiles for top soundcards/MIDI devices

Post by Jacques Koll » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

These original midifiles contain certain types of MIDI data (continuous
control changes, aftertouch...) that enable to reproduce the feeling
of the different acoustic instruments (strings, winds...).

Unfortunately, some sound cards and synths ignore some of these
data and turn some lively midifiles into something linear, dull
and corrupted.
Besides, some MIDI devices cannot stand a too high MIDI stream of
continuous changes (controllers, pressure, pitch bend), and then may  
delay some events, or play only the notes...

So, if you are well MIDI-equipped (and only if), then I suggest you to
download my original midifiles from any of the two following URL:      (France)      (US)

These midifiles are GM compatible.
If you need info about GM, (e.g. to make a non-GM synth
GM-compatible, or kind of) go to :

And your soundcard or MIDI device must recognize in particular the
following messages :
-Controller   11  (Expression)
-Controller   64  (Sustain Pedal)
-Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
-Pitch Bend

Sorry, but I'm unable to give a comprehensive list of good / bad GM MIDI

Anyway, you should firstly bannish any device that plays from
FM synthesis (the cheapest sound cards).

It would be interesting to hear thoughts from people who can compare
different GM devices, with the same sequences.