cheap low-latency sound card?

cheap low-latency sound card?

Post by Mark Karjaluot » Fri, 22 Mar 2002 07:52:44

Just wondering if you all might have a recommendation or two? I'm using
propellerheads reason, but my Turtle beach card isn't cutting it.

I'm on a Dell P3 450, with 256 megs of ram. The controller is a cheap roland



1. asio driver or low latency sound-card?

I have a turtle beach montego 2 card, that I'm using with Reason and a
Roland PC-70 controller. The problem is a fair bit of latency, and no ASIO
driver listed as an option.

Is there any way aside from the manufacturer that I can get an ASIO driver?
Turtle Beach doesn't list one, and Dell doesn't know of one.

And in the event that all fails, what would be a recommendation for
inexpensive sound card with minimal latency?

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