V: Fostex Multitracker XR-5

V: Fostex Multitracker XR-5

Post by K.K » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hallo Musikfreunde,
verkaufe umst?ndehalber 4-Spur Multitracker FOSTEX XR-5 (integrierter Mixer
Mikroeing?nge, etc.)
guter Zustand, ideal fr Proberaumaufnahmen oder Demos

Preis: VHS



1. FS: Tascam 644 advanced multitracker

For sale by owner
Tascam 644 MIDISTUDIO.
The top-of-the-line mixer and recorder for a long time.

-16 channel, 16 input mixing with electronic routing control
-2XLR inputs for mics, the rest are 1/4 inch.
-Integrated 4 track multitrack cassette recorder
-4 effect returns
-4-band Equalizer on channels 1-8
-MIDI tape synchronizion with song position pointer
 (syncs your PC sequencer to the Tascam. Record/play vocals & acoustic
 instruments into the Tascam while your sequencer plays your synths,
-99 scene memories switchable via MIDI
-MIDI Mute automation (for switching channels ON/OFF via MIDI)
-4 band shelving Equalizer on channels 1-8.
-Channels 9-16 can be used as a DUAL mixer.
-Jog/Shuttle wheel for quick & accurate tape positioning
-Tape pitch control
-Large LCD with information for a lot of functions as well as
 functioning as a meter bridge.
-Easy track-bouncing
-Superb DBX noise reduction
-Can be run via optional RC-88 Tascam remote control.

-....and a lot more.
-Very powerful, flexible and easy to use.

3 years old in home studio. In GREAT shape! Used mostly for the mixer
MidiMark (http://www.midimark.com/usedinst.html) is selling it, used,
for $500.
I'm selling it for $400 o.b.o.

See picture at MidiMark Site.

Located in Raleigh, N.C.

< 1K Download

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