Q: Cubase VST, ASIO a must?

Q: Cubase VST, ASIO a must?

Post by Markell Mos » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 12:33:30

I'm looking at running some VST instruments in Cubase (not sure which
version yet) possibly the Roland/Edirol VST packages and/or Halion with nice

If I want 32-voice polyphony (for full orchestral score) do I *need* a sound
card with ASIO drivers, or can DirectX audio handle it fairly decently?
Is the latency JUST for live playback?  (Press note, hear .5 seconds

And if an ASIO card is a must-have, what's some VERY INEXPENSIVE cards with
ASIO(2) support?  DirectX/D3D enhancement is nice too.  :)
I know Creative Labs Sand Blaster "has" ASIO support, but does it really?  I
must say that an Audigy2 would hit a nice price point IF it works well with
Cubase VST....


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I have a lot of problems with my audio recordings in Cubase VST (demo).
Lot's of cracking and noise. But now I found out the Cakewalk Pro (demo)
recordings are a lot better! No cracking, just a little background noise! I
use the in line on my SB 16. But apparantly that's not the source of my
problem (as I thought first)...

Is this an ASIO related problem? I tried all possible kinds of settings, but
the recording is awfull compared to the 'old fashioned' Cakewalk rec. Now I
like Cubase VST a lot more and I don't want to buy Cakewalk just because of
it's better audio. Is it possible to get rid of ASIO in Cubase? What's going
on here? What am I doing wrong? Is ASIO much more sensitive...? ? ? Please
help! I don't know what program to buy now! I need (reasonably) good audio!


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