FREE Crescendo MP3 and MIDI player available NOW!

FREE Crescendo MP3 and MIDI player available NOW!

Post by Jim » Sun, 19 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Crescendo 5 Beta for Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Netscape, and Internet Explorer
is now available at:

Crescendo 5 allows you to quickly open multiple Crescendo players each
downloading MP3 files from different locations, all while listening to MP3
music in another Crescendo player. Hey web authors!  Use all the same
Crescendo HTML and JavaScript code to embed MP3 music and sound effects in
your web pages.

Crescendo 5 Beta supports Crescendo SongSafe(tm), LiveUpdate's new music
encryption technology enabling artists to protect their music files from
unauthorized use, while still allowing playback of protected MP3 and MIDI.

Thanks for listening!

LiveUpdate Web Music Team


1. new free ActiveX version of Crescendo PLUS MIDI player

Released today: the ActiveX version of Crescendo PLUS, beta 2 release.

This is the first ActiveX MIDI streaming component for Microsoft
Internet Explorer 3.0.  It streams MIDI music into MSIE web pages.  It
looks and sounds the same as the Crescendo PLUS Netscape Navigator
plug-in that has been shipping for some months, and allows one to create
web pages that will appear and sound identically on Netscape and
Microsoft browsers.

Get it at - the Crescendo PLUS
beta test download page.

Web authors: Instructions on how to modify your pages to work on both
Netscape and Microsoft are on

Fred 8/12

NEW! Crescendo PLUS - streaming MIDI plugin / ActiveX component
400 Research Drive.Wilmington.MA.01887.USA Tel 508-657-5400x231

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