Thank you from new songwriter......

Thank you from new songwriter......

Post by Coquett » Sat, 21 Jun 2003 07:01:52

I just wanted to extend a "Thank you" to all the people who visited my
website and e-mailed, posted, or signed my guestbook with comments
regarding my music and new website.  

There were many wonderful comments and good suggestions for continued

If you have not had to opportunity to visit my site and would be
interested in helping a newbie by commenting on the music posted
there, the site is located at...

Constructive comments are always welcome.

Again, l appreciate all of the feedback.




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oVerduB is a new site that is about songwriting on the net. There are loads
of real audio files of songs that you can listen to in real time ,as well
as links to other songwriters on the net.
We need more links, so if you write tunes and post them on the net drop us
a line so we can link  up to ya.
And if you would like to check out the work we have done on the site so far
we'd love it if you dropped by.

James Stark

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