20 New Sites Added to the "SMF on the Net" Pages.

20 New Sites Added to the "SMF on the Net" Pages.

Post by Charles Kel » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

The "Standard MIDI Files on the Net" pages were updated April 21, 1996

About 20 URLs have been added since the update of April 15, 1996.

Download the 32K ZIP file for all the links, which can be used from your
own computer.

Or you can view the RECENT ADDITIONS page.

      The RECENT LINKS page has a few other links (added since April 21)
which are not in the ZIP file
      After loading the page, save it as HTML to your hard disk,
      so you don't have to visit our site every time you use the page.

Thanks to everyone who sent in new links.

Thanks to everyone using the pages from their own computer.  This saves a
lot of load on our server, which at times has quite a few users.  You may
sometimes notice a delay in getting my pages because of this.

Charles Kelly (Nagoya, Japan)