FS: M-Audio Delta 1010 with 1010AI ADAT Interface

FS: M-Audio Delta 1010 with 1010AI ADAT Interface

Post by JamesBR » Mon, 17 Feb 2003 15:26:24

FOR SALE:      M-Audio Delta 1010 sound card/rack unit with 1010AI ADAT

I have a brand new in the box -- used for about 2 hours and tested fine M-Audio
Delta 1010 system with additional 1010AI ADAT intertface.

This is a killer system for all computer platforms -- latency free montioring,
MIDI, balanced analog IO, etc.     For the full skinny, check the
www.m-audio.com website.

Units are in factory original boxes, includes all hardware, drivers on CD
(updates at website), manuals, power cords, etc. etc.

List on these two pieces is $1000.     I will sell together or seperately for
BEST OFFER in cash or trade.     Will consider any studio related items.


1. M-Audio Delta 1010AI interface

Brand New in the box M-Audio Delta 1010AI ADAT interface.

Used once for testing purposes and stored    Fully compatible with Delta 1010
system (Mac or PC).     Everything you need to hook up ADAT lightpipe to your
existing Delta system.

Can provide refs and all trades for studio related gear are considered.

$150 includes shipping.

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