New Features at Synthsite

New Features at Synthsite

Post by Dav » Mon, 23 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Synth Site now has instant online reviews for all of it's reviewed
Synths, Modules, Drum Machines, Workstations and Samplers.

Currently there are 526 full reviews with instant online updates for
all of them.

We get about 50 new full ws and pictures a month and currently about
25 mini reviews a day so the site is always changing.

Check out:-

and find out why we get 20,000 users looking at 100,000 pages a week.


1. CRMAV new feature: Featured artist&bands

We added a new feature called Featured artist and band. Each week one artist
will be the featured artist and you will be able to find a new page with
links, books, CDs, DVDs, Videos and of course sheet music of that artist.

This weeks first featured artist is Steve Vai.

You can find the featured artist&band page at

If you would like to see an artist or band as next weeks featured artist
just let us know by using the submit box.

Best regards,
Andr Oosterkamp

Editor in chief and CEO
Composing Recording Mastering Audio&Video

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