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I hope someone out there can help me!

Firstly, I am a guitar player, and MIDI is all new to me, but that said,
I did configure my own PC system, so I'm not a total techno-phobe!!

The problem I have:

I'm using a Turtle Beach Tahiti and Yamaha DB50XG under windows 95.
I recently bought an Evolution Music Creator Pro MIDI controller
Keyboard to aid me in my programming.

Using Cubase 3.0, I cannot get any MIDI signals going IN to the MIDI

I get MIDI OUT (shown by the green "lamp" on the transport bar), but no
MIDI IN signal. I know the controller works, as I can change patches on
a BOSS GT-5 Effects processor using the keyboard.

I tried looping the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT from the sound card together to
see if it complained or lit the MIDI IN lamp - it did not!

All I can assume, is either the cable is duff (from the sound card -
unlikely!), or the MIDI interface is not correctly set-up!

According to the Cubase manual, the problem would appear to be the
latter - they suggest an IRQ conflict - but the Win 95 device manager
shows no conflicts!!

Has any one any idea's about this? Can anyone help? Please!!!???

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.

(Please can you copy any responses by e-mail also, as I have a slight
news configuration problem!!)



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The following  post I saw here a while back confused me even more!
I had the board in my computer for 2 weeks and I was going around
telling my friends that all the hype about it sucked, that it
I have the following "list" to choose from  in MIDI Mapper:

 "       All Synth
"       Bas MIDI
"       Bas Synth
"       Ext MIDI
"       Ext Synth

SBAWE32  All
"                 Bas
"                 Ext

To hear the DB50's sounds what should I select?
Before I added the DB50 I was using SBAWE32 Ext.....      

Sure would appreciate any help in this matter.  I'm new to this MIDI
stuff.  :)
Fred Ives

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