Coda Finale 2002 for Win9x/NT $210

Coda Finale 2002 for Win9x/NT $210

Post by Genac » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 01:03:44

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1. Coda Finale 2002 for Windows9x/NT                                  $210
2. Coda PrintMusic 2001 for Win9x/NT                                   $54
3. Coda SmartMusic Studio 6.0 for Win9x/NT                         $99
4. Coda Intonation Trainer 1.0 for Win9x/NT                            $119
5. Coda Allegro 2001 for Win9x/NT                                        $169

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All products are full packs and include manuals and registration.

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1. Finale 2002?

Just got an upgrade card to Finale 2002 for Windows. Anyone tried the
upgrade yet? It sometimes seems that Finale has upgrades too often, always
at a high price. How much is it improved? Really worth the upgrade price?

Do they give you a printed manual this time? It's fine to have online
manuals, but one should receive a printed one too. (Although I'm glad that
in recent years they consolidated it into one manual, rather than the
confusing several manuals they used to have.) But the 2001 version came with
no printed manual at all, which I consider cheap, especially considering
what they charge for the upgrade.

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