MIDI programming in C++

MIDI programming in C++

Post by mike » Wed, 20 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I usually use Borland C++ Builder and have learned how to use midi here,

but now I'm programming a windows application with Borland 4.5 and need
to know how to use midi in my program.  I looked at all the help files,
but was still unable to figure it out.  I'm just looking for a pretty
basic example.

Also, how do you go about playing two WAV's or other multiple sounds at
the same time?  Thanks in advance.


1. C++ midi programming reference...

Hello Everybody,

I did a search for a C or C++ midi programming reference book
and found Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++ by Paul Messick.
People seem to really like this book but after checking it out on amazon
it seemed a little dated.

Is this still the book to get???
Or is there something better available???



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