Dear Diary ...

Dear Diary ...

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Coming this week in the Cadenza MIDI Diary
at ....

Saturday 3rd October
"Ballad" by Daniel Sigler, composing/improvising
music in Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland and using a
Yamaha P300 piano.

Sunday 4th October
"Sunrise Quartet" by Bob Kusiolek

Monday 5th October
"One of us" by Ari Kokkonen of the MIDI
Music Festival.

Tuesday 6th October
"Wood and Metal" by Keith Bramich

Wednesday 7th October
"Romance" by Daniel Sigler

Thursday 8th October
"Old Feelings" by Ari Kokkonen

Friday 9th October
"Miles" by Daniel Sigler

Please come and listen! Well over 300 pieces in
our archive, we've showcased a new MIDI
composition/improvisation every day since
19th November 1997.

Will your name be in this list next week? Come
and submit one of your own original pieces -
details at


1. Dear Diary ... :)

Coming this week in the Cadenza MIDI Diary
at ....

Saturday 17 October
The last of six "Songs without Words" for piano
by David Arditti. Come and listen to all six pieces
now in the archive!

Sunday 18 October
"MC Modal" by Eric Elliott. A piece with a minor
modal trane influence.

Monday 19 October
"Jinxed" by Dan Rowe. Drums and muted electric
guitar give this piece a retro feel, like early sixties
"Ventures" or "The Shadows".

Tuesday 20 October
"Sun After Rain" by Bob Kusiolek. A miniature.

Wednesday 21 October
"Circus Follies" by David Rubenstein. A fast,
upbeat piece for piano, marimba (or xylophone)
and trombone.

Thursday 22 October
"DaBull" by Keith Spillman. A little over 50k, but
it's a big bull!

Friday 23 - Monday 26 October
MIDI realizations of the four movements of the new
Corona Suite for Piano, op.51 by James Signorile
- Allemande En Rondo, Courante, Sarabande and
a lively Gigue.

The music appears one piece per day, joining our
archive of well over 300 pieces. Come and listen!
Better still, come and play - your own music could
be featured here!

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