Problems with simultaneously recording audio/playback midi please help me!!!

Problems with simultaneously recording audio/playback midi please help me!!!

Post by John Forsgre » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Please help me! I have big problems with recording audio while
simultaneousley playing back midi. I use windows95 and it doesn`t
matter what program I use for the purpose, the midi always
becomes untight when I start recording on to my harddrive. I have
asked many persons if they know what my problem is, but nobody
ever heard of it. So please, if anyone could help me Id be very

My equipment is:
Pentium 100
32mb ram
Qantum fireball Harddrive
Turtle Beach Tahiti sound card
Grafic card,CL 5436


1. Midi recording problem! Please help.

I have a Win95 OS with ESS 1688 sound card and a Yamaha PSR 240 keyboard.
I recently tried connecting my keyboard to my PC with midi to gameport
Although midi output from PC to keyboard works fine, I just can't seem to
be able to record my songs from keyboard.
Please, could anyone help! I tried to search the net, but wasn't able to
get my midi setup working.
I checked the input from a midi monitor software on my PC. Some signals
are being received, but they are all wrong. I get a program change event
I play a note on the keyboard!!!
Would really appreciate any help...

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