Recommendation needed

Recommendation needed

Post by Nikki Huxle » Sat, 17 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I need a recommendation for a good plug-in instrument. I currently use
MIDI for YAMAHA OPL3-SA FM Synthesizer or
MIDI for YAMAHA OPL3-SA SoftSynth.
Also, where could I get one.

1. Keyboard setup recommendation needed, Interesting Requirements

   My wife and I are looking to buy a keyboard setup and have been
disappointed with the lack of sales knowledge that we have received in
some stores, so any expert advice from knowledgeable musicians would
be very welcome.
   Here's the background and what we are looking for:

My wife plays piano and I would say is of A- ability.
I play the organ but only about C level ability.
She would like to continue playing piano pieces (classical, ragtime,
I still want to play some classical organ works (with one octave of
pedals), but really am more interested in music composition in areas
like techno/trance.  (I know, these objectives are at two ends of the
I'm a computer programmer so I'm not intimidated by the technology, in
fact, would enjoy it.
I want a high-end professional level setup that will be expandable
with new sounds and will not become limiting as we grow into new
musical dimensions (I don't want a "toy keyboard").
It should have great sounds that sound like a real Hammond B3 or
church organ.
I want to record to CD with the setup and don't want to interface to
my computer (due to the planned location for the equipment).
I'd also like a unit where it's easy to add voices to the mix during
live performance, such as with traditional organs where pressing stops
add sounds.
Soft touch, non-weighted keys would be a plus since that's what I'm
accustomed to.
What else would I need as far as speakers, amps, stands, etc.?
Also, would I need two keyboards to deal with classical organ pieces?

Please let me know what the top dream setup would be.  Compared to the
prices of traditional organs, I think I should be able to get a sweet
setup with great versatility through a custom keyboard configuration.


- Andy -

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