Over 100 New MIDI File Sites Added on Nov. 11

Over 100 New MIDI File Sites Added on Nov. 11

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Standard MIDI Files on the Net - The List of Sites with MIDI Files
Updated on November 11, 1996.
Over 1,300 Links to Sites With MIDI Files

You can download (from either location) the entire list in a ZIP File,
unzip the file and browse the pages offline. The file  (104K) contains all
the links on 17 HTML pages.


Or you can download just the Recently Added Links. (200+)


Or you can visit the list online at either location.
(If you need to use the list online, it would help if you use the mirror
at cs.ruu.nl.)


As always, thanks to all of you who are helping to keep the list
up-to-date by sending in reports of dead links and submitting news links.

PS:  There are already a bunch of new links on the "Recently Submitted
Links" Page.


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1. WTB: DX-11/YS-100/YS-200 and RY-30/RM-50

Hello again.  Since I need a 4-op FM w/ keyboard, I'm looking for

DX-11, YS-100, or YS-200 if there any around..:)  Please quote me your

Also the following drum machines as well.

RY-30 and RM-50..

*note* if anybody has any Yamaha drum machine from 1982's Professional
Audio series, you can
          quote me on price too...


2. <None>

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