Java Midi programming - switching devices?

Java Midi programming - switching devices?

Post by Michael Davi » Thu, 19 Oct 2000 12:15:50


I'm writing midi software in Java.

I've got a Soundblaster AWE64, and I'm using the oss sound driver for

I can write code which plays a midi sequence, but it always uses the
internal sound source. I'd like to be able to play out the external midi
port. Has anyone else done this?

The MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo() function returns two MidiDevice.Info
objects. I was hoping that there would be one each for the two midi
ports, but that isn't so - one implements the Sequencer interface, the
other the Synthesizer interface. Any clues?

// Michael Davis
// From sunny Toronto


1. Java MIDI output device to MIDI Yoke.


I want to send Midi note from my Java application to another
commercial music application (FruityLoop). I use the Midi Yoke to make
the loop from the Output To the Input and It works fine except for
MIDI from my Java APP.

When I play MIDI with the MidiPlayer example from I
choose the Yoke Midi output device but the music still play in the
speakers. MidiPlayer found the Yoke output port but look like using
the default Ouput. Is it a bug in the sample ?

 I use JDK 1.3 but I also try with 1.4.1 and I have the same result.
Any one have use the MIDI YOKE Mapper with Java ?

Thank you

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