10cc's I'm not in love

10cc's I'm not in love

Post by Danny Maye » Sat, 13 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Surf to http://www.dmayer.demon.nl and find all this :

* Music in MIDI format recorded LIVE on the web (download for free!)
* Advertisors offering real audio previews from most albums (full tracks in
good quality)
* Message board accessable to everyone
* Links to the very best MIDI sites only

Official member of the MIDI ring !

You are welcome to join in.

By the way...who can provide me with the very best version of 10cc's "i'm
not in love" in MIDI format ?


1. ''''''''' FORSALE: Waldorf MicroWave synth + sound cards '''''''''


I have the following for sale:

1   Waldorf MicroWave rack-mount synthesizer

9   SoundCards for use with Waldorf MicroWave synthesizer:

    Soundset #2
    Soundset #3
    Soundset #4
    Geoff Ryle
    Rob Papen
    Mike Rosen
    C. Bruse
    C. Bruse - Drums
    Wolfram Franke

The synth is in excellent condition.  I'm selling the above
as I already have a MicroWave and can't afford to keep both.

Price: best offer

For more info, please contact me at:

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