eVolution mk261 keybd, Win 98 SE, MPU401 serial port input, Roland UM1 USB port input

eVolution mk261 keybd, Win 98 SE, MPU401 serial port input, Roland UM1 USB port input

Post by chln.. » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 09:59:18

I am not getting too far in adding these ingredients into a "recipe"
that works.  My MIDI mapping allows me to get as far as recognising
the presence of my USB RolandUM1 interface to an external keyboard;
but time and again "MMSYSTEM003 driver not enabled" appears.  The
MPU401 driver is not recognised at all, and the new hardware search
fails to detect an input thro the joystick port.  Each of the drivers
when looked at under CP/System/Device Manager has a yellow disc
containing an exclamation mark - and when examined, says that there is
a problem but it does not know what the problem is!  Anyone else been
down this road?  :))

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