Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Post by Gary M. Wats » Sun, 10 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I bought a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synth at a garage sale for
$40 in almost mint condition, except the power supply was toast.
I fixed this, and now it seems to work, except:

1) I have no clue what all the buttons do; and
2) I can't find a manual.

On the bright side, it has a Midi-in and Midi-out connector.  I was
wondering how well this circa 1984 Midi will talk to a modern
Midi card for my PC, and which Midi card I should buy, and what
software would be good for a rank beginner to use as a tutorial.

Also, does anyone know if this keyboard is pressure or velocity
sensitive, or is it just an on-off type?  Would I be better off
throwing it in the trash and buying something from Casio?
The keys sure have a nice feel to them - like a real piano,
with mass.

Thanks for any advice,

Gary M. Watson                              

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Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Post by jgl.. » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> >As I recall, it's neither pressure nor velocity sensitive. The
> >Prophet 600 was the same way. You're not going to get much in
> >the way of "human inflection" out of this thing.

> I've confirmed you're right.

I'm always right, and I never lie. (That's yet another "obscure,
comedic reference". Hopefully, there are folks who recognize this
still around... I mean, besides Elayne and her "crazy monkeys" cutting
on and off in another conference).

Quote:> >> Would I be better off
> >> throwing it in the trash and buying something from Casio?

> >Well, that's sort of like asking, "Would chopping off my head be
> >a good way to cure my cold?". I'd never recommend a Casio product
> >to someone, unless he really pissed me off

> I see your points, but although there are lots of midi capable
> keyboards in my local electronics store, the keys all have that
> hollow plastic, massless feel to them.
> How much do you have to spend before you get a midi keyboard
> that not only has velocity or pressure or whatever sensors to
> simulate a real hammer-type keyboard, but also has keys which
> feel like a piano?

Well, a pretty good price (and much more than a Casio too. I don't
even think that Casio makes a "piano hammer action" keyboard. The
SIX TRAX definitely doesn't have such an action. It's spring-loaded).
Peavey make a really nice controller for the price; the CP-8.
Fatar makes the cheapest piano actions on the market. I don't
personally like their feel. (I'm a piano player too. Been playing
for about 30 years). I've played some Ensoniqs and Kurweils with
piano action, and I don't like those either. In the end, I just
decided that I'd get used to playing a spring-loaded keyboard,
and now that I've been doing this for quite awhile, I don't feel
as if it compromises my technique at all. In fact, I think that I
can now play faster and cleaner on the electronic keyboard since
my touch has gotten lighter with the "less resistive than a real
hammer action" electronic keyboard.

Try it. You may get to really like it


Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Post by colin whyle » Tue, 12 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I stand corrected. It was a long time ago that I sold mine. I regret
doing it. I had forgotten about the six independant synth mode, but I
didn't have much MIDI facility then, certainly no sequencer.

I didn't remember the parameter editing either.

Now where did I see that one recently...

( (:) |_ | |\| whyles

tel: +44 1394 671371


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