URG: 'Could not connect to logon server' (NT 3.51 WS -> NT 4.0 Srv)

URG: 'Could not connect to logon server' (NT 3.51 WS -> NT 4.0 Srv)

Post by Christoph Wittme » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00


After upgrading our SMS logon servers from NT 3.51 to 4.0 the Package
Command Manager cannot connect to the server any more! The PCMWIN.LOG says:

==> Attempting to connect to logon server \\XYZ\SMS_SHR\mstest
==> Could not connect to a logon server
==> Incorrect server list or no servers available.

The configuration:

- NT 4.0
- SMS 1.1 (only logon server)

- NT 3.51
- SMS 1.1 client

After upgrading a client to 4.0 it worked fine again!

The server names in the SMS.INI are correct!

Even a new installed 3.51 client doesn't work! (The SMS client is being
installed but the PCM cannot connect to the logon server)

Does anyone know this problem?

Thanks for every hint! (it's urgent!!! :-((  )


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I'm trying to diagnose a Warp 3 system at a customer site that can't see
the customer's NT4 server on the other side of a router. I installed
tcpbeui. I can ping the NT machine but I can't view its shares.

I tried to recreate the situation in my office by setting my Warp 4
system to have only tcpbeui, no netbeui, thereby forcing it to use TCP
to talk to an NT3.51 server on the same segment. I find that I now get
error NET3502 (network busy or out of resources) where I could netview
the server with netbeui installed before. The server has the server
service bound to both the NETBIOS and WINS(TCP) stacks. I can view the
server from my Linux box using smbclient, so it must be accessable by
TCP/IP. I can't understand why my Warp 4 box fails to connect to it.

What can I look at to trace what's going wrong?



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