pcmsvc32 problem

pcmsvc32 problem

Post by KoKo » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have a problem with the PCMSVC32.exe coming with SP4.
I tried the one which can be downloaded from the smsmgmt site, (I think this
is the SP3 or later one), but when trying to apply some registry settings to
the HKCU hive it worked different from what I suspected.
It adds the reg entries to the SID associated with the service account
associated with the PCMSVC service instead of the the currently logged on
domain user.
After applying SP4 to my SMS site and updating the PCMSVC32.exe on my test
PC the following problem occurs.
The mandatory date set by creating the job is somewhere being changed to
October 6 2033 20:55, which prevents the job from running via the PCM
service for a long time. I found this date by reading the pacman.log on the
client. In this log file this date is called InstallByDate.

The client is the only one running Windows NT 4.0 SP4, the rest (servers)
are still on SP3, I'm not sure whether this matters.


Andy Komen


pcmsvc32 problem

Post by Sann » Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Well  I would like to join the club, my package executed once on a machine with
SP4 and currently logged on user had administrative privileges. I did not used
rservice.exe to install PCM on clients but batch file/manualy. Problem is when
command is executed, SMS server gets no status from workstation, so you manualy
have to cancel SMS job, and there is no log in the PCM service directory. Some
technet articals are sying to use only SMS installer with option /S and make job
mandatory and that poling interval for site should not be less than 20 minutes ( I
tried all this) and I tried to use diffrent accounts for PCM service. We are
currently running on NT SP4 on all servers and workstation.
I am wondering does anibody have experiance that PCM for NT client works, all tips
are welcome.

> Hello Koko,

> I have exactly the same problem.
> Fresh install of SMS 1.2 SP4.
> Fresh install of a computer NT workstation SP3.
> I use PCM Services ans I get the same date in InstallByDate Field : October 6
> 2033 20:55 !!! Of course, packages never execute.
> I really don't know what to do.
> Maybe you tried something else ?

> Regards,


pcmsvc32 problem

Post by Phat » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

This is too weird, I have a few clients that have "last inventory date" in the
year 2033???????  The clock on both comptuers is set to current date/time.  Go

Brian Rogers
Solutions Engineer


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The process environment created by the PCM service is quite different
from the environment created by the interactive PCM program. For
example, there are various environment variables missing, that are set
up as part of the logon process. The fact that the setup program runs ok
interactively does not necessarily mean that it will run ok from the PCM
service. The setup program can most likely not find a DLL or other
component and/or wants to display an error message.

Is the setup program consuming any CPU whilst it hangs?

Herman Verkade
CompuThoughts (UK) Ltd.
-- Make SMS work, with SMSworks!
-- http://www.computhoughts.co.uk

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