Moving Central site to diff Server

Moving Central site to diff Server

Post by parado » Mon, 22 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am looking for a method of moving my Central site to a different
server (without changing server names or IP's or anything like that). I
need it to be transparent to all the client workstations and would
prefer to keep the data in the database (although it's not manditory).
What approch should I take in doing somthing like this? What affect will
a change like this have on the workstations in the orgonization?





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Is it possible to move the Central Site from one Server to an other
and after the stunt still have the original Server running in the Domain?

The Configuration:

Server X(3.51) running SMS(1.2), SQL(6.5) for SMS and Exchange(4.0).

Introducing Server Y(4.0) to take over  SMS and SQL for SMS
so Server X is dedicated to Exchange.

In relation to SMS Server X is currently only used to keep "track" of
Workstations and Servers in Child Sites(no secondary Sites).

Any Ref's or Comments?

I have tried to move Exchange but did not succeed ;o)

Jan Munch Pedersen

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