SMS 2.0 Beta 2 & NDS

SMS 2.0 Beta 2 & NDS

Post by Information Service » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00

        We are installed Beta 2.  We are in a mixed NT and NDS shop.  SMS is
getting an error from NDS INSTALLATION service that says 'it couldn't
update the configuration file, error 3'.  Does anyone know what this is and
how to correct it?  SMS also isn't putting the smslogon directory and files
on the NDS servers.  I assume the two problems are related.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

        Jeff Pitsch


1. SMS 2.0 & NDS

Without software metering you will need 9 servers: a central site and 8
primary or secondary sites at the remote locations.  Depending on the
utilization on the T1 links and the number of users you might not even need
7 remote sites (you should check the existing state of the links and
calculate the worst case scenario for SMS traffic).  If software metering is
to be used I would strongly recommend setting it up on separate machines
(not the SQL part but the RemODBC metering service).

Hope this helps

 Ian Turek
Systems Scalability Engineer
Gravity Square Inc.

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