Steps for client detection/install for SMS 2.0 novice

Steps for client detection/install for SMS 2.0 novice

Post by Bob McHug » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Could someone please give me a basic ordering of the steps involved in
getting my clients detected and setup?  I've got a lab setup now with an NT
4.0 PDC and some 95 and NT 4.0 Workstation clients.  The PDC has SMS
installed on it and I think I have the Site Settings configured properly.
I'm not sure my login script was modified automatically or not, and the only
way I could get the client to install was to run the smsman.exe.  The server
is running DHCP and the subnet and subnet mask are 10.100.x.x and

Thanks for any help....I've found the documentation a little hard to follow
as far as the initial client rollout.


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Hi all:

I seem to be having some problems with SMS 2.0. They are as follows:

Some of the systems under all systems, don't have an operating system
listed. Everything else shows up, IP, netbios name etc. but know OS. I know
these systems and they are NT 4.0 and Win 95 machines. (One is my Dell
Laptop running NT 4.0 SP4)

I am also having problems installing the tools. I have selected Hardware and
software inventory, Remote tools and Advertised programs. It has installed
on some machines, not on others (Again, not on my laptop!)

I am using all the discovery methods, but this doesn't seem to change

smsls is the login script for everyone. I have even tried the manual install
on my machine which works correctly, but still now tools, and my system
shows up on "all systems" with no OS.

I have other problems, but they may be related to why I can't do the above!

Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Russ Shearer
Network Admin - GHSP Corp.

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