16-bit & 32-bit application compatibility

16-bit & 32-bit application compatibility

Post by cjackso » Wed, 03 Jul 2002 00:48:00

Does anyone know if there are any issues with backward
compatibility between applications built with the 16-bit
Installer interface and 32-bit interface?

1. MS Proxy Client 32-bit and Oracle SQL Plus 3.3 16-bit

Hi Guys,

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong group but I have a strange

One of our Workstations has the MS Proxy Client installed that comes
with SBS 4 and 16 and 32-bit Oracle Clients so that he can connect to
our Oracle Server.  The 32-bit version works fine, no problems however,
if you try to connect to the server using SQL Plus 3.3 the program
hangs, giving you no option but to give the 3 finger salute
(CTL+ALT+DEL) to end task.  I found after lots of pain staking
investigation that if I uninstall the Proxy Client it all works again.
Any ideas?

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