Reports in SMS 2.0

Reports in SMS 2.0

Post by Wualter De Leo » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi everyone!

How to create reports of software installed in the machines, my interest is
print the language and version of operating system, Microsoft Office,
Exchange Client and Internet Explorer.
Any idea of the what tables include in report?



1. SMS 2.0 SP1: Reports won't run automatically, only manually from Info Report Designer

I would like to schedule some of the reports from the SMS console.

When I open a report by:
Report > All tasks > Modify report > Info report designer > Report > Refresh
report data
This works fine and I get the report.

When I schedule the report from the SMS console and do a 'Run now' I get a
red cross and
a message saying 'Report failed to run'
When I look in the properties there is Report detail: Failed to open
So it must be a security problem.
When I schedule the report I use the same administrator (with password) that
I used to install the SMS server.

Do I have to use the SMS account or what am I doing wrong??

Please help this is very urgent!!!! Also mail to:


Wouter from Belgium

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