Clients not regestering with Seconday site

Clients not regestering with Seconday site

Post by Jim Wals » Sun, 02 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hello All,

I have an sms1.2 SMSsp4 network with 2 secondary sites. When I add clients
at one of the secondary sites they do not all show up in the client list. I
have 2 servers and 8 workstations The workstations have been added using
runsms.bat. I see the servers and at first had WS#6 listed but no other
workstations. I have run the runsms.bat file 9 times and now I see WS#2 but
I do not see WS#6. When I look at the properties for the
secondary site they all look OK.

Does anyone have any Ideas why the workstations are not showing up as
registered ?

Jim Walsh MCSE+


1. Advertisements not being received at seconday site clients.

Looking through MS newsgroups, it was suggested to delete the package and
recreate it. The postings stated that it worked for a couple of people. I
didn't delete my original, but created a new package with a different name.
Using the distmgr.log file, I could see that it deployed to all of the sites
properly. I then assigned the program to a test machine, but it still won't
pick up the advertisement. I rebooted the test machine, as well as the SMS
servers, but still nothing. I think that my main problem is that the package
advertisements aren't getting picked up by the clients. The package seems to
be there properly. Anybody got any ideas?

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