Query - Subselected values

Query - Subselected values

Post by Henrikse » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I'm running SMS 2.0 SP1 and need some help on building queries.
The problem I've run into is the following :
How to use the results from one query inside another query. According to
SMS-documentation, this issue can be resolved by using "criterion type :
Subselected values", resulting in a comparison between your original query
and the new one for the attributes specified. I've tried the approach
outlined in the "Help section", but can't seem to get it working.
SQL reports that my subquery needs to be introduced with EXISTS (...but
where and how.......?)
Knowledge needed :-)
J?rgen F. Henriksen

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Brain fade!  I've done this before but it has been some months and the new
stuff I learned overran the memory of how I did this the first time :)

What I want is a query which returns names of machines which have SR1 and do
*not* have SR2.  The situation is that we have a bunch of machines at this
site which have old versions of Office backed archived out to the local
drives, and so both versions show up when I query for version because they
are both versions are present, although one is not in use.

A query containing *only* SR2 machines will allow me to create a dynamic
collection to be targetted for the SR2-B upgrade.

I did this before with a subselect query which started with all SR1 machines
which was "not in" the SR2 query, but when I try to recreate this from
memory, I get SQL errors.

Does anyone have a similar query handy?

Thanks much!

Brad Alpert, MCSE, BA, and a darn good cook

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