how do you remove logon point and CAP?

how do you remove logon point and CAP?

Post by Arthur Yan » Sat, 13 Oct 2001 20:05:23

  how do you remove logon points and CAPS? we have SMS 2.0
SP2 in our organization. could anyone give me a step-by-

thank you

Arthur Yang


1. Old login point/cap cannot be remove from central site.

Old login point cannot be remove from central site.
Can someone help me with this problem.
I current have a secondary site which reports to my central site, but the
old login point server within the secondary site has been replace by a new
server with a diffrent name within the secondary site, but for some reason
the central site displays a red X (critical) under site status\site systems.
Unable to find server,.
In the secondary site i don't get this error, it seems that this reord is
stuck within the table on the central site. I had this problem once before
and remember that I had to manually remove this record with a table on the
central database, but can't recall how i did this.

I did a rest counter , still did'nt work
Has anyone experience this before


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