TI-C26, 50 DSK Further pgms??

TI-C26, 50 DSK Further pgms??

Post by Robert Rat » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

1) the Texas-Server ti.com has apparantely only those pgms
   developped by TI themselves.

2) I know of two further sites with further pgms :
    a) ftp.cs.buffalo.edu /pub/ham-radio/qex

    b) ftp.ix.de  /pub/elrad or  in area 21

3) Could you inform me (and TI) about such further pgms so that
   TI could attach a note of such sites to their own filelist
   (without warranty).

This could save double-developpement.



1. Does TI's '50 DSK Support Shareware?

   TI initially introduced the low cost ($99.00) dsp evaluation board
and folks wrote usefull code, ie; spectrum analyzers, etc.  Somewhere
I read TI's new '50 eval board DOES NOT work with the '26 code.  Is this
true?  Is it worthwhile to order the older '26 board??

Thanks!   --Joe Jesson


21414 W. Honey Lane, Lake Villa, IL, 60046

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