Freeware and Commercial Hidden Markov Model Toolkits

Freeware and Commercial Hidden Markov Model Toolkits

Post by Roberto Togne » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for updated information to the Speech FAQ on Hidden Markov
Model software/toolkits. As far as I can tell there is only HTK from
Entropic and the C++ HMM by Richard Myer. Is there any other
freeware/shareware/commercial software package that people are aware of?

Thanks for your help,
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1. Hidden Markov Models and Entropy Minimization


I am using hidden Markov models to analyse musical acoustic signals,
and discover their structure. This is pretty much like a "segmentation"

Has anyone out there studied and implemented (in the HTK framework, or
Matlab, or whatever) the alternative learning algorithm designed by
Brand in
"Structure Learning in conditional probability models via an entropic
and parameter extinction", Neural Computation, vol.11, no.5,
which replace the traditional Baum Welch re-estimation algorithm ?

I am working on its implementation and I experience some difficulties.
anyone is involved, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback.

Thanks in advance,


Audio & Music Processing Lab,
King's College, London.

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