FIWIZ filter designer version 1.2

FIWIZ filter designer version 1.2

Post by Rainer Stor » Tue, 24 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

The FIWIZ filter designer (
is now available in version 1.2. The added feature this time is

Definition of a prefilter with constant coefficients:

Defining a prefilter has many applications like presetting specific
zeroes to
suppress DC or the 50/60Hz powerline frequency, accomodating filters
which are already in a design and cannot be removed, or setting a
response to equalize. A well-known example for the latter is sinc
needed for D/A-conversion.




1. New Version of FIWIZ filter designer available shortly

The new version 1.1 of FIWIZ
will be available shortly. As a new feature coefficient quantization can
incorporated into the design (as opposed to designing a filter and
the coefficients afterwards). Customers of Fiwiz will receive the
upgrade to version
1.1 at no charge.

FIWIZ is a constraint based design program for IIR as well as FIR
digital filters which is geared towards features which are difficult if
at all to find
in other filter design programs. FIWIZ's main features are:

Arbitrary magnitude constraints
Arbitrary group delay constraints
Direct design in Z-domain, no analog prototypes for IIR filters
Minimum phase filters
Linear phase filters
Output of poles and zeroes
MATLAB friendly output format
Storage and retrieval of configuration files
Platform independence through JAVA technology
Wizard based approach
Versatile plotting (zooming in and out possible)

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