CD-ROM audio on a SPARC

CD-ROM audio on a SPARC

Post by Gregory J. Sande » Fri, 09 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I have a SPARC 10 with a CD-Rom drive ("SunCD Plus").  I need to write
an app which reads audio samples off of audio CDs over SCSI.  The
relevant man pages (cdromio, ioctl) give only information on what
structures are involved, but few clues as to how to do basic operations.
Are there any apps with available source code I could study, or does
someone have any code they can share with me?

Let me emphasize that what I'm interested in grabbing samples over the
SCSI.  There are other kinds of commands that tell the CD player to
"play" like a normal CD player and play audio through its analog audio
outputs...this is not what I'm interested in.

Thanks; email replies appreciated,
Greg Sandell

p.s. My opsys is SunOS 4.1.3


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