asynchronous sampling

asynchronous sampling

Post by Milz » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hello all !

I don't like to sample a signal with a constant sample rate (e.g. 48
kHz). I have a trigger - signal which shows me when to sample the signal
but it is not constant in frequency.

Does anyone know if there are existing any Evaluation boards which i can
use for this purpose ??



1. TMS320C32 RDY input asynchronous OK?

I have a question about the ready input on the TMS320C32.  If I fail to
meet the setup time for this line, will it cause any unpredictable
behavior, like an internal metastability that sends the chip out to
lunch?  I would like to drive this line true asynchronous to the clock.
If I don't meet the setup time, it won't be recognized till the next
clock, which is fine, but I have seen some ICs that insist that their
inputs obey the setup & hold times, or they have bad problems.  I hope
this is not the case for the C32.

Barry Brown

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