Fiwiz filterdesigner v 1.3

Fiwiz filterdesigner v 1.3

Post by Rainer Stor » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 17:17:23

Hi All,

The Fiwiz filterdesigner
version 1.3 is no available. The optimization engine has been improved
and as an additional feature allpass equalization of IIR filters has




1. FFTW 1.3 is available

We are pleased to announce the availability of FFTW 1.3, a C library for
performing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in one or more dimensions.
You can download FFTW or find out more information at the web page:


Some key features of FFTW:

* Portable performance competitive with vendor-optimized FFTs, as
  demonstrated by extensive benchmarks of available FFT software
  (results available on our web page)

* Not limited to sizes that are powers of two

* Real-complex transforms

* Parallel transforms for Cilk, threads (POSIX & others), and MPI

* Distributed under the GNU GPL (NEW)  (non-free terms also available)

* Callable from Fortran and MATLAB (NEW)

FFTW 1.3 incorporates several improvements over version 1.2, including
speed enhancements for gcc/x86 systems and general speed improvements
for multidimensional transforms.  See the release notes on our web page.


                                        Matteo Frigo
                                        Steven G. Johnson

2. prwxrwxrwx

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